First ever OCR100 sprint race in Hungary

The first ever OCR100 sprint race in Hungary took place on September 11. 2021, in Nyíregyháza, and had nearly hundred participants. The OCR100 sprint race was organized by Running Warriors, while the location was provided by the team of Extreme Trail, for what we are grateful for. After the successful introductory race, we hope that OCR100 races will attract more and more competitors in the future.


OCR100 sprint race Sept. 11. 2021, results:

Men absolute
1. Barnabás Balatoni 00:56:14
2. Axel Ruben Tóth  01:12:06
3. Ákos Balhási 01:33:42

Women absolute
1. Adrienn Nagy 01:12:58
2. Alexandra Molnár 01:30:14
3. Veronika Tobak 01:38:52

Best results achieved in the different age groups:
12-18: Barnabás Balatoni 00:56:14
19-34: Axel Ruben Tóth 01:03:08
35-45: Ákos Balhásis 01:05:50
45+: Balázs Ulrich 01:22:04

12-18: no competitor
19-34: Adrienn Nagy 01:12:58
35-45: Zsófia Pázmándi 02:00:56
45+: Dr. Judit Maklári-Papp 02:35:18

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