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The demand for OCR obstacles has been continuously increasing in Hungary and across Europe, and this is why the OCR Sport Ltd. based in Hungary decided to produce obstacles designed especially for Obstacle Course Races.

  • The OCR Sport Ltd. has been producing unique OCR obstacles since 2017. We pay special attention to the safety technology during the designing and manufacturing process.
  • The OCR Sport Ltd. has ISO 9001 certification for designing, producing, trading and leasing OCR technical obstacles.

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The certificate of conformity required by the Hungarian Innovation and Technology Ministry’s order No.24/2020.(VII.3.) IT.:

from our obstacle portfolio

Farkas László
HOSOSZ elnök

As the president of the National Alliance of the Hungarian Defense Sports Associations (HOSOSZ) I can only recommend the reliable and professional services, which are provided by RUNNING WARRIORS. I can tell you from experience, if you want to organize a successful event, then get in contact with RUNNING WARRIORS, which has ISO 9001 certification and works with an exceptional professional staff.

László Farkas – HOSOSZ president

Together with RUNNING WARRIORS during the last three years we had organized numerous successful programs varying from mass sport to performance-oriented competitive sport events. Each time the three key points to success were the following: reliability, professional quality, and their positive attitude, that the impossible does not exist and we are so grateful for that to RUNNING WARRIORS.

Péter Kálmán – sport director of the Hungarian National Defense Sports Association