Hungarian OCR brand entering the European market

The Running Warriors obstacle course race brand, which has been providing significant challenges to the lovers of this sport with its professional obstacles for the past eight years, has begun its conquering journey abroad. Year after year, the competition series gives the opportunity to compete not only to professional competitors, but also to those who want to test their current fitness this way.

Nothing proves more the popularity of the brand better than the fact that in 2024, one of the toughest OCR courses in Europe will already be found in Romania, Austria and with great certainty in Czechia.

OCR stands for Obstacle Course Racing, which means a run in which the participants have to overcome both natural and built obstacles. In competitions, the obstacles are placed by the organisers with the purpose to break the speed of the runners. The obstacles put a significant pressure on both the competitor’s mental and physical ability. Endurance, strength, speed and dexterity are all necessary to be successful in an OCR race.

I came up with the name of the brand and the event in 2015, within 24 hours. In the next 48 hours, we launched the website and put together the entry system. For the first time, we had the opportunity to organize a running competition at a sports weekend organised by a friend of mine. Already my first thought was that we are coming up with an unusual competition. To our greatest joy, more than a hundred people entered to this first race. This was a confirmation to us that we were heading into the right direction, and encouraged us to organize two other competitions that year – recalled the beginnings Tamás Rozina, owner of the Running Warriors brand.

Alliance out of competition

An association in order to become a sports association, first has to fulfill the following legal requirements: the association must have at least 10 member clubs, 100 certified competitors, and 3 years’ experience of organising championship races. Since the championship races were provided by the Running Warriors from the beginning, we supported the association’s development as a sport. As a result of this in 2017 the Hungarian OCR Sport Association was launched.

„Every year more and more sports clubs joined us, and more and more competition organisers were able to organise championship races. The development of the complex obstacle courses is essential for the professionalism of the sport, and Running Warriors was able to provide outstanding results in this field from the beginning. We are constantly working on developing and manufacturing new and new obstacles, and because of this our brand now has become one of the best and most technical OCR competitions in Europe.” – said Tamás Rozina, who also revealed that in 2024 their obstacle courses will be present also in Romania, Austria and with a great certainty also in Czechia.

Nothing is impossible!

OCR teaches us to be proud of what we have achieved. It encourages a different outlook on life by seeing challenges not as limitations, but as opportunities that can help us to get further. He also draws attention to the fact that not necessarily the victory is the important thing, but the path leading to the goal, which encourages us for continuous development.

„In Hungary, roughly 5-6,000 people practice this sport both men and women. Professionals and amateurs can compete at the races as well, but we also warmly welcome those who never ever tried this before but are interested and would like to try out the courses. Based on the feedback, our obstacles are not easy, which is why we say that winning a race is secondary, since it is also a huge achievement if somebody completes the courses flawlessly. We are always trying to come up with the trickiest obstacles and prepare for every competition with something new.” – concluded the owner of the Running Warriors brand.

Every year, the brand provides the obstacles for the National Cadet Competition, which is organised by the Hungarian Military Sports Association and on which 800 students participated this year.

For more information about the race visit the and about the obstacles the website!



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