• All obstacles
  • Training cage 2.0
  • Training cage
  • Dice
  • Joist
  • Ring
  • Crawling under net
  • sloth under net
  • climbing over net
  • cargo net climbing
  • Icarus
  • Doodle
  • Small climbing wall
  • Small plank
  • combined obstacles
  • combined sloth
  • sloth
  • big plank
  • big climbing wall
  • cheese
  • Tarzan
  • horizontal panel

customer reviews

Farkas László
HOSOSZ elnök

As the president of the National Alliance of the Hungarian Defense Sports Associations (HOSOSZ) I can only recommend the reliable and professional services, which are provided by RUNNING WARRIORS. I can tell you from experience, if you want to organize a successful event, then get in contact with RUNNING WARRIORS, which has ISO 9001 certification and works with an exceptional professional staff.

László Farkas – HOSOSZ president

Together with RUNNING WARRIORS during the last three years we had organized numerous successful programs varying from mass sport to performance-oriented competitive sport events. Each time the three key points to success were the following: reliability, professional quality, and their positive attitude, that the impossible does not exist and we are so grateful for that to RUNNING WARRIORS.

Péter Kálmán – sport director of the Hungarian National Defense Sports Association